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Zumax Dental Surgical Microscope
OMS2350 Surgical Microscope (integrated LED illumination)
Technical Data

Magnification system
* 6-steps manual magnification changer
* Six click stop positions
y=0.33x,0.5x,0.8x,1.22x,2.0x, 3.0x;

Tube (Optional)
* 45 deg inclined binocular tube, f=170mm
* 0-180 deg inclinable binocular tube, f=170mm

Eyepieces (Optional)
* 12.5x, 10x, 16x and 20X widefield eyepieces and have integrated eyecups with stepless adjustment.

Magnification Range
* e.g. with f=250mm lens and 12.5x eyepieces:
* Magnification/Field-of-view diameter:
2.8x, 4.2x, 6.9x, 10.4x, 17.0x, 25.6x
78.3mm, 52.1mm, 32.0mm, 21.2mm, 13.0mm, 8.7mm
with selected components, the above magnification range can be shifted up or down.

* Manual, fine focusing range 12mm
* 5 objective lenses for optional:
f=200mm (with fine focus), f=250mm (with fine focus), f=300mm, f=350mm, f=400mm

* Zumax LED Illumination, supplies bright,white and shadow-free light,>20,000 hours lifetime * Yellow and green integrated filter
* Field of view diameter: 50mm with f=250mm objective lens

Balancing system(Optional)
* This coupling offer ultra-light, ultra-smooth and perfect balance during positioning of the microscope or adding several accessories such as camcorder and digital camera.

Gross Weight
* Floorstand 125kg
* Wall Mount 80kg
* Ceiling Mount 95kg
* Fixed ground Mount 75kg
* Tabletop Clip 45kg

The integrated video camera system

The integrated video camera system provides still video and image to your patients and staffs.

Adapters and image devices

Beam splitter,the adapter for SLR camera,CCD camera,camcoder etc..can be attached easily.

Numerous accessories(optional)

An adapter for SONY NEX series HD camera It can take up to 14 megapixel still image or a 1920¡Á1080i MPEG-4 video and save all date onto it's SD memory card.

Clinical effects

"I was very amazed about the quality of your scope it`s really excellent and I know because I`ve in my office also a Möller&Wedel Denta 300 and a Seiler Revelation.But yours is equal, in my opinion even a little better." (Dr.Gunther Stockl, Germany)


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Zumax Dental Surgical Microscope
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OMS2350 Surgical Microscope (integrated LED illumination)
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Annual Session of the American Association of Endodontists


Annual Session of the American Association of Endodontists
April 18 ¨C 21, 2012
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
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CMEF Spring 2012


CMEF Spring 2012
April 17 ~ 20, 2012
Location: Shenzhen, China
Booth No: H8-J25,J27            

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